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ATLAS - a project under Town, Road, Landscape Organization and analysis of sector data, cluster data, square grid data and data on variables from 1982, 1992 and 2002 respectively. The work is conducted in August (2005) with updated data. Besides the results being shown here on the page, they will also be presented in an article published by Aalborg University.

Highways Research Group - School of Civil Engeneering. The University of Birmingham This page is the homepage of the developers of Highway Development and Management (HDM-4). On this page you will find how the HDM-4 System works. More information about this page is to come. On this site you will also find contacts at the HDM-4.

Motorways in Vendsyssel an analysis and development project on the motorways in Vendsyssel and their impact on commercial and urban development.

Roads to the Future "Congestion, unsafety, noise and stench. Images that readily come to mind when you think about mobility. What can Rijkswaterstaat [Public Works Department] do about this? Build more roads and encourage smarter use of the existing networks. Roads to the Future (RtF), the innovation programme of Rijkswaterstaat within the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, is predominantly aimed at seeking smart solutions for mobility and infrastructure"

Trees and Transportation "Transportation systems have traditionally been designed for traffic efficiencies and driver safety. Such goals and practices have included roadside vegetation management. Roadsides are managed for a variety of other functions, including aesthetic, environmental, and community interests. These studies investigate the diverse public values of trees and vegetation in the roadside environment."

The World Bank Group "The mission of the Roads & Highways group is to build identity and cohesiveness among staff; promote communications between staff to facilitate team building, professionalism and sharing of experience between regions; make staff aware of good practice through training courses and study tours; support training for borrowers in key areas identified by staff; and provide a world-class knowledge base."

The University of California Transportation Center "Transportation research does more than just investigate how to move people and freight around--it also studies ways of meeting basic social goals, distributing goods and services, expanding production and trade, improving urban structure, creating jobs, and reducing poverty. The Center's theme, Transportation Systems Analysis and Policy, recognizes that transportation is one component of a societal system that is affected by and has effects on the movement of goods, people, and information. The Center draws on the knowledge of many disciplines, including but not limited to engineering, economics, urban planning, and management in its efforts to support studies that analyze transportation systems and the public policies that are integral to them."

Transform TRANSFORM is an architect's practice with expertise in urbanism and urban architecture. Through a strategic and methodical working process, the practice develops modern urban and housing forms. General questions about urban identity and modern lifestyles are central in the practice's projects, which span from housing plans to large scale landscape projects.

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Planning and Projects

New Highways & Urban Growth Patterns: Analyzing the Development Impact of the Orange County Toll Roads Through research on econometric models of house sales prices and employment growth, among others, this survey will test how much roads have changed land values and development patterns in Orange County, California. Quote from the site: "The nature of the link between urban development and highway infrastructure is still poorly understood yet recent prominent discussions of the link between highways, urban decentralization and induced automobile travel have created a need to better understand the specific nature of any influence that new highways have on urban development". More information on this project is available, with the project seeming to be a quite large project about urban development along highways.

Overview of the Highway Planning and Development Process "Highway design is only one element in the overall highway development process. Historically, detailed design occurs in the middle of the process, linking the preceding phases of planning and project development with the subsequent phases of rightofway acquisition, construction, and maintenance. While these are distinct activities, there is considerable overlap in terms of coordination among the various disciplines that work together, including designers, throughout the process."

Vejprojekter  (in Danish) "Under "Vejprojekter" kan man også læse om processerne bag anlægsarbejderne, information om fremgangsmåden ved ekspropriation, hvordan en vej bygges, seneste publikationer og rapporter m.v."

("Under "Vejprojekter" (Road Projects, ed.) you can also read about the process behind the construction works, information about the procedure with regards to eminent domain, how a road is built, the latest publications and reports, etc.")

Trans-European Networks "The idea of Trans-European Networks (TEN in the EU jargon) emerged by the end of the 1980s in conjunction with the proposed Single Market. It made little sense to talk of a big market, with freedom of movement within it for goods, persons and services, unless the various regions and national networks making up that market were properly linked by modern and efficient infrastructure."

The Historic Arroyo Seco Parkway "The Historic Arroyo Seco Parkway (aka Pasadena Freeway) has recently been designated federal scenic byway. The parkway is located between the four-level interchange in downtown Los Angeles and Glenarm Street in Pasadena."

The New I-64 "If you're a St. Louis native or a long time resident, you probably call this road Highway 40. Sure, it became part of the Interstate system in 1988 -- that's when the red-white-and-blue I-64 shields started to appear. But those shiny, new road signs never quite squared with our image of the old roadway we've used for years to get to downtown, Forest Park, The Galleria and West County."

Geometric Design Practices for European Roads A publication by U.S Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration about geometic and context-sensitive design of roads. A reseach of sites in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, England and Germany.

The Federal Highway Administration. A national U.S. Department of Transportation homepage with link to other national administrations and highway related sites.

Trafikplanlægning i forbindelse med større erhvervsudvikling belyst ved et eksempel fra Køge (in Danish) "Udbygningen af Skandinavisk Transport-center i Køge er gået stærkt. For mindre end 4 år siden var området Nordhøj blot en åben mark – i dag ligger her et af hovedstadsområdets største sammenhængende erhvervsområder Skandinavisk Transport Center (STC). Den hurtige udvikling har øget presset på vejmyndighederne for at fremskynde udvidelser af vejnettet. Denne artikel sætter fokus på trafikplanlægningen i forbindelse med transportcentret."

("The expansion of the Scandinavian Transport Center in Køge has  happened rapidly. Less than 4 years ago the area at Nordhøj was just an open field - today one of the Capital area's biggest cohesive commercial areas, Scandinavian Transport Center (STC), is located here. The quick development has increased the pressure on road authorities to accelerate the expansion of the road network. This article puts into focus the traffic planning with regards to the transport center.")

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Places and Business

Uden motorvej går Vestjylland i stå (in Danish) "Der er stærke kræfter, der arbejder for at få motorvejen ført helt til Holstebro - hurtigere end politikerne på Christiansborg er indstillet på at gøre det i dag".

("Without motorways, Western Jutland will stagnate" - "Strong forces exist that are working to get a motorway laid down all the way to Holstebro - faster than the politicians at Christiansborg (the Danish parliament, ed.) are willing to do so today.")

Argumentationspapir vedrørende motorvej til Holstebro – derfor skal vi have den! [PDF] (in Danish) "Der skal bygges motorvej til Holstebro, fordi Midt- og Vestjylland skalhave de samme udviklingsmuligheder, som de 6 andre større bysamfundi Danmark"

("A paper on arguments concerning the motorway to Holstebro - this is why we need it!" - "A motorway needs to be built to Holstebro, because Mid- and Western Jutland need to have the same opportunities for development that exist in the 6 other urban centers in Denmark")

Tietgenbyen "Mere udviklingskraft for pengene"

Langeskov Syd - Bliv set fra en ny vinkel (in Danish) "Området ved Langeskov Syd har du muligheden for at købe facadegrunde – som et af de få steder i Danmark. Ved at lægge din virksomhed direkte ud mod motorvejen får du over 25.000 bilisters opmærksomhed dagligt. Sådan kan du på en nem og billig måde profilere din virksomhed og sørge for, at virksomhedens navn holdes fast i de forbipasserendes bevidsthed år efter år."

("Langeskov South - Be Seen from a New Angle" - "In the area at Langeskov South you have the opportunity to buy a frontside plot - as one of the few places in Denmark. By placing your business directly facing the motorway, you will have the attention of 25,000 car users daily. In this manner, you can cheaply market your business and ensure that the business' name is set firmly in the consciousness of the passers-by year after year.")

Erhvervsgrunde i Rødekro  This link contains an example on how parcels for industry are advertised as being located near highways.

Motorvej Vest This link contains an example on how a new industry park is planned along the highway.

Danish Crown near the highway Danish Crown's own presentation of a new large slaughterhouse near the highway.

Erhvervsrådet. Herning, Ikast, Brande, Aaskov (in Danish) "Indsatsen på infrastruktur-området har været fokuseret på arbejdet omkring motorvejene fra Herning til henholdsvis Århus og Vejle."

("Business Council - Herning, Ikast, Brande, Aaskov" - "The work concerning the infrastructure has been focused on the motorways from Herning to Århus and Vejle, respectively.")

Field's Field's is the first of its kind in Scandinavia. The idea is to create an attraction of the 21st century, an attraction with an international atmosphere where people can shop 'til they drop, seek inspiration, dine like kings, relax, all in the same place they buy their groceries.

Lokalplan 219 for et område ved Ørnegårdsvej 21, samt kommuneplantillæg 9 til Kommuneplan 2001 for Gentofte Kommune. En omdiskuteret lokalplan i Gentofte Kommune. Se indslag på Danmarks Radio, der blandt andet skriver: "Gentofte Kommune har vedtaget at bygge 125 boliger til flygtninge og værdigt trængende. Boligerne kommer til at ligge på en af kommunens ringeste og mest forurenede grunde - omgivet af tre motorveje, en jernbane og en losseplads. Er det klogt?" (in Danish)

("Local Plan 219 for an area at Ørnegårdsvej 21, as well as Municipal Plan Supplement 9 for the 2001 plan for  Gentofte Municipality - A much-discussed local plan in Gentofte Municipality" - "Gentofte Municipality has adopted a plan to build 125 homes for refugees and the needy. The homes are to be built on one of the municipalities' worst and most polluted plots - surrounded by three motorways, a railroad and a waste dump. Is this the smartest thng to do?") 

Skandinavisk Transportcenter - Køge Havn (in Danish) "Transportcenter - Sjællands og Hovedstadsregionens største sammenhængende erhvervs- og transportområde - er ideelt beliggende direkte til motorvej E20 og har dermed den geografiske perfekte placering som transportknudepunkt til Skandinavien, Kontinentet og resten af Danmark."

("Scandinavian Transport Center - Køge Harbor" - "Transport Center - Zealand and the Capital region's biggest cohesive commercial and transport area is situated ideally, directly adjacent to the E20 motorway and thereby situated perfectly as a transport hub to Scandinavia, the Continent and the rest of Denmark")

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Other Road-Issues

B.C Highway Cams Yet another idea to present highways, making it possible to discover how the road looks at different times of the day. This could be a tool to investigate the visual experience of the road but also to discover problems in the road design.

The Long Island Parkway System It all began with a parkway at Bronx River in 1906, and it "proved to be not only an engineering success, but also a new expression of uniquely American landscape architecture".

Zur Geschichte der Autobahn The history of the Autobahn. It contains a short introduction about the use and the view upon the use of the motorways. Further more this site contains a quite large part of motorway history in Italy, Germany, USA, France, and the UK. More information is to fetch in the wide list of litterature on the site.

An Autobahn Timeline As simples as it can be. A list of years added the events of the year in relation to the German Autobahns. The timeline begins in 1909 and is ending in 1942. Also you will find a short text on the topic "Hitler and the Autobahn".

The Online Autobahn At this site you will find at lot of information on the German Autobahn-network. Plans, history and road mending are all contents of this site and it is quite informative. Also you can see some pictures from the Autobahn, how it is constructed and how it fits in the landscape.

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The network against unnecessary highways (Netværk mod unødvendige motorveje) Quite difficult to fit into the subjects at this site. The site is rich on information on why not to build highways, and among the topics at the site you will find the network's own dogmas. Though this site is mainly to join the many local danish groups against unnecessary highways, so here you will find links to all the local groups.

Jutlanders against unnecessary highways Maybe the most active group in the network mentioned earlier. This site contains news about demonstrations and political decisions on the highway topic. Though, the site has not been updated for almost a year. You'll also find a lot of related links on this site, and like this site, all of them is in Danish.

KehrtWENDE - Der Initiativkreis kämpft für ein autobahnfreies Wendland

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